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House of Love (2021)

House of Love Preview
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Choreography by Michelle Isaac, Fréyani Patrice & Anastacia Julian

Performance by Ntrinsik Movement & IFE The Movement

Guest Artists: Lu Nikx (Norlette Nichols), Imani Nzingha & Nyemba Seales

Guest Company: Okàn of Soul Dance Co

Guest Choreographer: Cory Villegas

Music: Fertile Ground, Bobby McFerrin, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Rokia Traoré, African Roots, Lu Nikx & Nyemba Seales

Exercepts: Ashe So Be It, Kindred Spirit, Today's Love Letter & Fruition

KnJ Theatre at Peridance - New York, NY

Journey: Til We Get There (2017)