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Ntrinsik Studios is a black owned, Brooklyn based dance school that is dedicated to providing high quality dance instruction for all ages and levels of dance, ranging from age 4 to Adult. Ntrinsik Studios offers classes in various genres of dance such as Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, West African, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Liturgical Dance, and other Afro-Infused Styles. All of the instructors at Ntrinsik Studios are well equipped with extensive technical training in a diverse array of dance genres, and credited performance experience. They also hold several degrees within Dance Fine Arts & Dance Education. Ntrinsik Studios is the home of the Brooklyn based dance company, Ntrinsik Movement, and the Brooklyn based Pre Professional Program, IFE The Movement. 



The mission of Ntrinsik Studios is to create a safe space for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect, fall in love with the art of dance, and create timeless, joyous experiences. We seek to foster the technical, creative, and artistic skills of all of our students by helping them connect the art of dance to everyday life. Dance is a way of life and it is communicated through the same instrument through which life is lived, our bodies. It is a powerful, life changing, transformative art form that is used to express, communicate, and explore the human experience. It also has the power to connect people from different ages and walks of life. At Ntrinsik Studios, cultural diversity is celebrated, and our community is prioritized. Our goal is to become a beacon of light for the arts and for our local community. 

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